Speaker Highlight: Heather Acton

Heather ActonWhat WP consultants deserve more love than they get? Who should we be paying attention to?

Michelle Schulp is doing amazing things for the community (WordCamp Chicago organization) and building some beautiful sites with her company Marktime Media.

Becky Davis is another wonderful developer and giving community member with a huge love for teaching. There’s nothing more valuable than those willing to help share the “”Word“”!

Kari Sharp is another up and coming developer who is also giving a ton to the community (Foundation Friday organization for WordCamp Chicago) and is building a very client services oriented business that will continue to help many small business owners in IL and WI.

What’s your favorite theme or theme framework? Why?

Lately I’ve really enjoyed doing theme modifications to Theme Trust themes and WooThemes. They serve as a very solid base for clients that don’t have the funds for full custom development, as they stick to WordPress good development practices (generally speaking).

What do you think is the biggest challenge that WP consultants will face in 2013?

Our company’s biggest challenge will continue to be keeping up with the demand for outstanding development services. We can’t keep up with all of the requests and often refer the business out, but even the companies I refer to are often too full. We need to continue to meet new developers, build efficient processes, and still ensure we offer top notch services to existing clients.

When I was able to put up my very own website in a matter of days, with no prior development experience, I was REALLY excited about WordPress. That was 4 years ago now, and I continue to be excited about the platform – the community is unmatched, the functionality continues to expand and simplify processes, and it is generally easy to use for clients.