Speaker Highlight: David Kryzaniak

What performance tips would you give to other pros (as related to speed, scalability, security, plugins, backup, etc.)?

Attend my talk and find out 😉

Confess to us your biggest moment of WP fail?

I’ve never had any WP epic fails

Do you use Themes & Child Themes, Roll your own, or both?

I use child themes a lot. I have a ton of custom themes too.

Favorite plugin or least favorite plugin?

Favorite plugin: Jetpack
Least favorite: Anything other than jetpack

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done with Custom Post Types?

Campus course catalog (catalog.uwgb.edu)

Where do you see WordPress going in the next 2-3 years?

More towards a CMS than a Blogging platform

What’s the biggest misconception you encounter about WordPress, and how do you clear it up for your clients?

WP is for bloggging, not a CMS. It’s a difficult concept to get over. On a lot of my WP as a CMS sites, I hide the ‘Posts’ admin panel. Once the client starts to use the backend, they start to enjoy wordpress more.

When was the first time that you really got excited about WordPress OR at what point did you decide to make it your career?

The first time I play with WordPress, I was in middle school. Ir was pretty cool (back around WP2.0). WP and I drifted apart for a while. Then in college, I got back on the WP band wagon. Haven’t looked back since.