Speaker Highlight: Christina Zila

Meet Christina Zila! She’ll be discussing ‘4 Keys To Great Content’ at WCMKE 2013. This presentation takes a look at four areas to examine before you put pen to paper or hands to keyboard.

We asked her:

Confess to us your biggest moment of WP fail?

Our WordPress blog was hosted on an employee’s URL. When he left the company, we didn’t get a new URL ready or archive our files locally before he shut the old site down. We had to recreate all our posts from scratch.

Lessons learned: 1) Don’t let employees host things, 2) archive regularly

Favorite plugin or least favorite plugin?

Besides the Textbroker for WordPress plug-in, I love JetPack. I like seeing my site stats all in one place.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that WP consultants will face in 2013?

The web is demanding more and more content, whether in inforgraphics, video or text. Encouraging clients to keep up with their competitors will be both a challenge and an opportunity.
Gaining new clients is always a challenge, and as more consultants get into the game, differentiating yourself will be more important.

Where do you see WordPress going in the next 2-3 years

I think we’ll start to see a consolidation of plug-ins and information. WordPress is already making moves to funnel information back to WordPress.org, and I think that will continue.