One Week Till Foundation Friday

Foundation Friday is just one week away! We’re so happy that this new addition to WordCamp Milwaukee proved as interesting to you all out there as we thought! The WordPress User 101 and WordPress Developer 101 workshops have both sold out!

Here’s what we have planned for you lucky ticket holders:

WordPress User 101

  • 1:00 vs What hosting solution is right for you? Presented by Heather Acton (the User 101 team lead)
  • 2:00 Getting Started with Part 1: Choosing a domain and a host, Installing WordPress, choosing a theme and plugins for your site. Presented by Joshua Alexander, Kari Sharp and Rose Fields
  • 3:00 Getting Started with Part 2: The WordPress Admin Dashboard, Creating Pages and Posts. Presented by Joshua Alexander, Kari Sharp and Rose Fields
  • 4:00 Blogging Basics: Where to write a blog post, getting people to read, share and comment. Defining categories, tags, links and structuring a good blog post. Plus a couple of cool tips and tricks. Presented by Kimanzi Constable

For those of you just getting your feet wet with WordPress, this afternoon will get you up to speed, and ready for the weekend.

WordPress Developer 101

Developers being developers, the exact schedule probably won’t be defined till Thursday night. Here are some of the topics currently being bandied about:

  • What happens when (a) WordPress loads and (b) gets a request
  • File Structure
  • Debugging Tools
  • Actions and Filters
  • wp-settings.php
  • The building blocks of web development: HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

John James Jacoby is leading the Developer 101 team, so be confident you will have one awesome afternoon, getting you ready for the main event.

See you next week!